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Visiting Hong Kong soon and looking to check out the bar scene? You're in luck! Hong Kong boasts 7 of Asia's 50 best bars, while a quick Google search for the best bars in Hong Kong yields more than 1.7 million results, with thousands more listicles showcasing the top bars of all types, mixes and tastes. In a city of over 8 million people, the bar-to-human ratio could certainly give New York or London a run for their money.

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With limited time, it's easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer choice of watering holes and nightlife districts Hong Kong offers. How on earth would you be able to explore the best of the best bars in Lan Kwai Fong, Wan Chai, Causeway Bay, Happy Valley and more? Well, wonder no more.

YBEX is excited to announce a collaboration with the awesome folks from Hong Kong Pub Crawl! Hong Kong Pub Crawl has been redefining Hong Kong nightlife since 2010, with amazing drink deals to possibly the best way to meet nightlife enthusiasts from Hong Kong and around the world all for one flat rate!

Hong Kong Pub Crawl is offering YBEX users a 1-for-1 Pub Crawl ticket for first time crawlers! Simply head over to the YBStore to redeem a promo code for a 1-for-1 Pub Crawl ticket. Then, just apply that promo code on https://hongkongpubcrawl.com/ before purchasing.

From LKF Thursdays to Horse Race Crawls on Wednesdays, follow Hong Kong Pub Crawl on Facebook and Instagram, and check their website out for more information. Don’t miss out on this amazing deal!

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  8. In the event of any inconsistency between the English version and the Chinese version of these Terms & Conditions, the English version shall prevail.

Hong Kong Pub Crawl’s:

  1. The Promotion Code must be entered through the Designated Sales Channel on or before September 30, 2018. The Designated product is valued at HK$100 and customers may redeem the 1 For 1 Hong Kong Pub Crawl Promo Code.

  2. The Promotion Code is non-transferable and cannot be sold. Each Promotion Code can only be used once.

  3. The Offer shall not be redeemable for cash and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion programs.
  4. Hong Kong Pub Crawl has the right to approve or reject any application, and its decision in relation to disputes that may arise from this offer will be final and conclusive.

  5. Hong Kong Pub Crawl reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the Offer at any time without prior notice.
  6. The Promotion Code will not be reissued or replaced in the event of loss. Should any dispute arise, the decision of Hong Kong Pub Crawl shall be final and conclusive.

  7. In the event of any discrepancy between Chinese and English versions of this terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.

即將到香港旅遊嗎?那你肯定不可以錯過香港精采的夜生活! 在最新公布的【2018年亞洲最佳酒吧50強】 中,香港有多達7間酒吧榜上有名;而且香港的「蘭桂芳」(LAN KWAI FONG, LKF) 聞名國際,是全球少數匯集酒吧及會所的地點之一,灣仔、銅鑼灣、跑馬地也是著名酒吧區,認識酒吧文化確實是體驗香港的好方法。燈紅酒綠的酒吧區,選擇實在多得令人眼花撩亂,特別是如果你只在香港逗留短短數天,如何在成千上萬的酒吧中找到你喜歡的呢?我們為你介紹香港蒲吧黨(Hong Kong Pub Crawl)。 香港蒲吧黨自2010年成立以來,為香港的夜生活帶來了嶄新的意義:參加者只需付出一個相宜的價錢,就可以在一個晚上到不同的酒吧暢飲。香港蒲吧黨每個晚上都向參加者推薦不同酒吧,為你帶來獨一無二的「蒲吧」體驗,更是認識其他來自香港及世界各地朋友的好機會!6

YBEX很榮幸宣佈我們和香港蒲吧黨(Hong Kong Pub Crawl)的合作!香港蒲吧黨會為YBEX用戶提供買一送一的優惠。只要到YBStore兌換PUBCrawl門券【買一送一】的優惠碼,再到https://hongkongpubcrawl.com上輸入該優惠碼即可使用。

香港蒲吧黨每星期會舉行兩次Pub Crawl,想要知道更多細節,請上 Facebook Instagram關注Hong Kong Pub Crawl,或者到他們的官方網頁https://hongkongpubcrawl.com。千萬不要錯過這個精采優惠!

即将到香港旅游吗?那你肯定不能错过香港精采的夜生活!在最新公布的【2018年亚洲最佳酒吧50强】中,香港有多达7间酒吧榜上有名;而香港的“兰桂芳“(LAN KWAI FONG, LKF) 闻名国际,是全球少数汇集酒吧的地点之一,湾仔、铜锣湾、跑马地也是著名酒吧区。认识酒吧文化确实是体验香港的好方法,灯红酒绿的酒吧区,选择实在多得令人眼花撩乱,特别是如果你只在香港逗留短短数天,如何在成千上万的酒吧中找到你喜欢的呢?让我们为你介绍香港蒲吧党(Hong Kong Pub Crawl)。


YBEX很荣幸宣布我们和香港蒲吧党(Hong Kong Pub Crawl)的合作!香港蒲吧党会为YBEX用户提供买一送一的优惠。只要到YBStore兑换PUBCrawl门券【买一送一】的优惠码,再到https://hongkongpubcrawl.com/上输入该优惠码即可使用。

香港蒲吧党每星期会举行两次Pub Crawl,想要知道更多细节,请上 Facebook Instagram关注Hong Kong Pub Crawl,或者到他们的官方网页https://hongkongpubcrawl.com。千万不要错过这个精采优惠哦!



  1. 活動的所有參加者(「參加者」)均確認已細閱、理解及同意所有條款及細則(包括所有改動)(「條款」)。YBEX有機會在需要時修改條款。修訂後的條款在YBEX刊登後即時生效。
  2. YBEX的註冊用戶方能享有是此優惠。
  3. 活動由香港時間2018年6月8日早上12時正式開始生效,至2018年9月30日晚上11時59分止,活動參與者須在上述時間內完成交易。
  4. 每名用戶在活動期間內最多享有優惠一次。活動名額數量有限,以先到先得的形式發放。
  5. 符合以下規定的交易,方可獲得「Hong Kong Pub Crawl 買一送一優惠碼」: 透過YBEX向平台上任何一間合作找換店(只限香港)預約兌換 即日內到找換店完成;不得使用YBCoins。
  6. YBEX及Hong Kong Pub Crawl保留所有有關是次活動的最終決定權。YBEX保留所有包括暫停、更改或終止活動的權利。任何違反以上條款之參加者將被取消資格而不獲通知,包括以不同身份重覆領取或任何有損YBEX及Hong Kong Pub Crawl利益的行為。活動不設上訴機制,參加者不得異議。如因電腦、網絡、電話、技術故障而導致參加者所遞交的資料有延誤或遺失,YBEX並不負上任何法律責任,參加者也不得向YBEX作任何追究。 

  7. 合資格的用戶獲發優惠編碼後,所有換領優惠相關的程序及交易均由Hong Kong Pub Crawl處理,與YBEX無關,請細閱及遵從Hong Kong Pub Crawl的條款及細則。所有條款及細則以英文版為最終版本。

Hong Kong Pub Crawl條款及細則:

  1. 客戶必須於指定銷售平台並於2018年9月30日前輸入此優惠編號。此指定產品價值100港元,客戶可免費換取買一送一優惠碼。
  2. 優惠編號不可轉讓,亦不可轉售。而每個優惠編號只能使用一次。
  3. 優惠不能兌換現金或與其他優惠同時使用。
  4. Hong Kong Pub Crawl保留拒絕任何申請的權利,並就此優惠的任何爭議保留最終決定權。
  5. Hong Kong Pub Crawl保留隨時修訂優惠條款及細則而不作另行通知的權利。
  6. 優惠編號如有遺失,恕不重發或補發。如有任何爭議,概以Hong Kong Pub Crawl的決定為準。中英文版本如有歧異,概以英文版本為準。

HKPC 1for1 Fb Instructions on how to purchase ticket online using exclusive code (only limited to first 100): !HKPC Ticket-Purchase-map