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  1. Request

    Select the currency and enter the amount you need and a list of available money exchangers will be displayed.

  2. Choose

    Pick the most suitable money changer based on the information presented, such as FX rate, location, opening hours and user feedback.

  3. Book

    Lock-in the rate by tapping Confirm to make a booking with the selected money changer.

  4. Pick Up

    Visit the money changer in person, present the QR code in the confirmation page and make payment to get the exact amount of foreign currency at the agreed rate.

  5. Rate

    Rate your experience to help us and our partners improve your experience.

Security, Your Safety

Keeping your money and personal information safe is our top most priority.

Keep your money safe

  • You know where your money is, every step of the way.
  • We only work with a curated network of trusted licensed money service providers.
  • So far, YBEX has processed millions of dollars in foreign currency transactions for thousands of users.

Keep your personal data safe

  • We build layers of strong safeguards so you shouldn’t have to worry about your information falling into the wrong hands.
  • We follow the best information security practices from top financial industry companies to keep your data safe at all times.
  • Your personal data is encrypted end-to-end and never shared without your permission



Access our curated network of trusted and licensed remittance service providers and rely on users’ feedback to help you make a well-advised decision. We aggregate different supported ways to pay for and to receive the money so you have the freedom to choose what works best for you.


Paying fee for great services is expected but hidden charges are absolutely not acceptable. We make sure what you see is exactly what you pay and get - not more, not less.


We never ask for your money or ask you to top-up your account with us. Instead, we help you with making your payment directly with our licensed and trusted remittance service providers only after you have confirmed the order.

Peace of Mind

Besides SMS and email alerts, you can track the status of every transaction anytime, anywhere. Our support team can easily be reach via the in-app chat.


  1. Order

    Specify the currency, send amount, payment method, beneficiary and receiving method in three simple steps and you will be presented with a list of trusted remittance service providers that can get your order done.

  2. Pick the vendor

    Choose the most suitable remittance service provider based on rate, service fee, location, user rating & feedback and other information.

  3. Place the order

    Tap on Confirm to place the order and enter into a service contract directly with the selected remittance service provider.

  4. Pay for the transfer

    Follow on-screen instruction to make payment directly to the remittance service provider. Regardless of the method, once the payment was made, the service provider will be notified to process your order.

  5. Track the status

    You can track the status of your transaction anytime within the app and we will also send you notification to keep you posted on every step of the transaction until the money arrives safely in the hands of your beneficiary.

  6. Rate

    Rate your experience to help us and our partners improve your experience.