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外幣平台App YBPay 推出網頁版!Foreign Currencies Marketplace App YBPay Launches Web Version!

YBEX是一間提供外幣兌換及匯款服務交易平台的金融科技機構。 新穎、創新和便利 – 一直是YBEX期望給予用家,同時亦致力推進的目標。




YBEX is a Hong Kong based financial technology company, delivering an online marketplace for foreign exchange services. We strive to bring the best user experience in the financial services industry through continuous innovation.

With YBPay for Apple and Android, users can find, compare and choose the most suitable money service providers for their money exchange and remittance needs. Traditionally, it was difficult and time-consuming for consumers to find a good money service providers, as the retail foreign exchange market is extremely fragmented, the rates update constantly and are very hard to understand. YBPay changed all that by providing real-time rates from over 50 financial institutions in Hong Kong, together with location, opening hours and user ratings, to help users get what they need easily and quickly. Besides providing comparison of distances, fees and rates, the best part is our users can book directly on the platform to lock in the rate and reserve the foreign currency notes - a real peace of mind.

To help even more people to enjoy the convenience our users had grown accustomed to, YBEX has launched a web version of YBPay. Without the need to download an app, users can now easily access YBPay on a browser through their smartphones, computers and tablets. The web version also features social network sharing, which allows great rates to be shared with friends and families so everybody can also enjoy the benefit brought by YBPay.

YBEX is continuously expanding to cover 10 more popular tourist destinations in Asia, to bring even more seamless money service experiences for travellers worldwide.

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